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TSX Venture Exchange Temporary Pricing Relief to Expire August 31

Posted by Shane McLean on August 28, 2013

Since August 2012 the TSX Venture Exchange has allowed temporary relief from pricing rules including the following, which were typically prohibited by TSXV Policies:

  • Share/unit offering with an offering price below $0.05
  • Debenture offering with a debenture conversion price below $0.10
  • Offerings involving a warrant with an exercise price below $0.10

Earlier in August the TSXV announced that they would not be extending the temporary measures further and, therefore, they will expire on August 31, 2013.  Any private placements intending to rely on these measures must be completed by August 31, 2013.  At the same time as the TSXV announced the end of these measures, it announced certain permanent changes to its pricing policies.  For further details, see Some Important Pricing Policy Changes at the TSX Venture Exchange. 


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More Movement on Canadian Venture Capital Front

Posted by Shane McLean on February 9, 2010

Last week it was announced that the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board would invest  $400 Million in a “fund of funds” concept.  That is, it looks like they are proposing to deploy $400 Million to existing private equity and venture capital firms so that they may, in turn, deploy that money as part of their own investing activities.  The Montreal Gazette has a good write up about the announcement.

The fund of funds model is similar to the model employed by the Ontario Government and its co investors in the Ontario Venture Capital Fund which I blogged about last April (both the new CPP funds and the OVCF funds are both  managed by Northleaf Capital Partners).  The funding of the OVCF closed in June of 2008 and, as I understand it, it has yet to actually invest much money.   Unfortunately, very little of that money has been put to work so far.

Let’s hope that the CPP’s fund of funds is able to deploy funds a bit faster.  Without much needed capital, Canada’s knowledge based startups can’t get off the ground.  Mark McQueen recently lamented on the Wellington Financial Blog that the wicket is open for tech IPOs but there  isn’t enough “product”  — i.e. quality tech companies of the right size and trajectory.  Fund announcements like this may be too late to help launch companies that could take advantage of the IPO climate we face at the moment, but without a steady flow of funds to support generation after generation of knowledge based companies we will have a very hard time maintaining any kind of  robust public (or private) market for  tech companies in Canada.

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