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Looking back at the CBLB in 2009

Posted by Shane McLean on December 31, 2009

Here is a list of the top 10 most viewed posts on the Canadian Business Law Blog in 2009 (its inaugural year).   Thanks to all of those who have stopped by during the year.  The interest so far has exceeded  the  expectations I had as I sat to write the very first post about 8 months  ago.   I hope that 2010 will be an even stronger year.    If anyone has any Canadian business law topics they would like to see covered here in 2010, please feel free to make suggestions by e-mailing me or by posting a comment below.

1.  What is the Capital Pool Company Program? — originally posted on May 28, 2009

2. Financing Term Sheet Basics — originally posted on June 21, 2009

3. What is a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation? — originally posted on June 7, 2009

4. What are Preferred Shares? — originally posted on July 2, 2009

5. Unanimous Shareholder Agreements — originally posted on September 22, 2009

6. CPC Combinations Part I — originally posted on August 9, 2009

7. Ontario Green Energy Act — originally posted on September 3, 2009

8. CSA Releases Report on Continuous Disclosure Review — originally posted on July 29, 2009

9. It’s your money, why not grab it? — originally posted on April 27, 2009

10. LaBarge Weinstein Summer 2009 Quarterly — originally posted on September 10, 2009


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