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The Top Ten (Sixteen) Lies of Lawyers

Posted by Shane McLean on August 23, 2009

I am currently reading Guy Kawasaki’s latest book called Reality Check.  I like Guy’s writing style and am enjoying the book so far.  I have finished a section in which Guy lists the top sixteen lies that he thinks corporate lawyers tell entrepreneurs.  Before they were included in his book, Guy listed them on his blog  (here).

I’ll admit that I have used a few these lines in my time, but in my defence I didn’t intend them to be lies (and don’t think they were, even in hindsight).  The list is intended to be humorous and anyone who has had an opportunity to deal with my fellow corporate lawyers will see that some of these hit a little close to home.

My favourite:  “The bill would be lower if it weren’t for the lawyers on the other side.”You do realize that the lawyers on the other side are saying this about your lawyers too, right?

To be completely unbiased, Guy includes similar lists of top ten lies you’ll hear from  Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Marketers and Engineers.

Pretty funny stuff.  I recommend them and Guy Kawasaki’s books.


One Response to “The Top Ten (Sixteen) Lies of Lawyers”

  1. Never has there been a truer comment about so many legal bills.

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