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Twitter’s growth plateaus

Posted by Shane McLean on June 16, 2009

It may seem like I have a hate on for Twitter (see my prior posts on the subject here, here and here). Please believe me when I say that I don’t have anything against Twitter per se.  What I am doing is desperately grasping at any evidence that others feel the same way as I do in an attempt to ensure myself (and you) that I am not crazy (at least not about Twitter).  The groundswell of support for Twitter   makes those of us who don’t get it feel like outsiders so it’s good to know that others are seeing what I am seeing (by the way, Groundswell happens to be the title of a great book about the whole Web 2.0, Social Media phenomenon).  One of the people who seems to be thinking along the same lines as I am is Larry Bodine who runs the Law Marketing Blog.  I have referred to Larry’s posts before and he put one up yesterday that further reinforces my feelings about Twitter (Check it out here).  It’s well worth a read.  Larry puts up statistics to support the thesis that Twitter is fizzling out and is not useful as a business development tool.


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