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Always look on the Bright Side of Life…

Posted by Shane McLean on April 24, 2009

Originally Posted on on  January 23, 2009.

How about some good news for a change?  Keeping in line with the many articles and blog posts I have been reading lately, I thought I would focus on some good news.  But I thought I would shift my focus a little bit from the common “how to make the best of a terrible situation” theme and, instead, serve up some items of what I think are standalone genuine good news. I have been keeping an eye out for this kind of stuff recently and have come up with an admittedly random top 5.  My plan is to dole out the good news one item at a time (we can’t have anyone getting too excited all at once ) so please stay tuned.  In the meantime, I invite readers to post comments sharing their own good news.   

Bright Side of Life #1:  There is still money out there looking for great ideas –The economic downturn of the last year or so is just the latest blow to investment following the shrinking of venture capital over the last couple years.   Having said that, there are still quite a few pots of money available in Canada for deployment to the right companies.  Examples of active money include – Blackberry Partners Fund ($150M), Business Development Bank of Canada and Wellington Financial Fund III ($150M) (Wellington has a great blog by the way).  Even the Ontario Government is spending time and money flogging old and new programs in an attempt to help fill the funding void.  There are more sources and they all tend to put out “open for business” announcements so they are not hard to find.

Stay tuned for more…


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